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About this service

I specialize in branding​,​ print​,​ digital marketing design​,​ as well as motion graphics. I also am a trained illustrator of their is more personal work that is required or if you’re looking for an additional level of artwork.

Chaz C

Includes in basic price

This is a base price that includes my services for basic design work that would be considered simple (simple layout without large detail work and can be done within a few days.)



Animation - Under 30 seconds / Per Hour


Motion Graphics that would be used to enhance the visual design. This can apply for graphics that would be used for such things as: digital media, animated flyers, video formatted graphics, etc.

Rush Job


A rush fee is only added when the work request traditionally would not be completed within 5 days but the client requires the work to be done within that time.

Marketing Package


Marketing package includes 3 different graphics: graphic flyer/infographic , animated signage for promotion, as well as a branding design (printable graphic for client, additional flyer, or other branding design).

Animation - 1 minute of animation


Full minute of basic animation. Does not include animated characters or what would be equivalent to cartoon based work.

Video Edits and Graphics


Upon request of the client, if there is video footage that would like to be edited and made with additional graphics to accompany the video. Less than 5 minutes.

Illustration / Per Hour


Custom illustration by hand for the client. An example would be portrait work upon request of the client or other personalized artwork that would need to be drawn and created.


I work via email and phone. I will always be transparent in the work and provide progress work as the progress is being made. Depending on the level of work required will alter pricing based on time constraints whether that being short notice of amount of work needed to complete the job the best way possible. Please be clear and concise with request as to limit edits and make sure that you are left with the best possible product. I have a 3 edit clause, so if there is more edits that are required it will include additional fees. Any work that is to be withheld by the client please inform me initially if it includes exclusive content that is not to be viewed by the public until you would like it to be seen.

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