Hello, I'm A. Mauricio L.

As MOBILE REVEREND A. MAURICIO LUBONG, I consider myself a co-creator with the couple who has chosen me to marry them. My intent is to partner with them to produce a ceremony that is as personal and as unique as they are. To that end I warn…er, rather… advise each couple seeking my services that I assign homework, homework that is to be completed individually without either consulting the other. The homework is composed of questions to which the couple will hopefully be providing the same answers, however, each from their individual points of view. So, doing they provide me with a more complete picture of their life together. From the homework the couple submits, I draw threads that I’m then able to weave into a kind of verbal tapestry to present to the couple’s gathered family and friends. Together the couple and I will sort through other raw materials, elements that are sometimes disparate in nature. For example, a couple may come from two very different cultures and/or faith traditions. One of the most unusual pairings of lovers with whom I worked was an African-American Southern Baptist Bride who was marrying a Lebanese Moslem Man. “Praise the Lord” and “As-salaam alaikum” were abundant in equal measure. Because of my own national origin and personal history, I’m often sought out to celebrate a wedding with Filipino and/or Hawaiian observances. But, I pride myself in having a measure of fluency in a number of cultures and can traffic through the major religions with a fair amount of ease. And, although not necessarily conversant in Spanish, I can provide a bilingual ceremony in which I convincingly close with “Los declaro unidos en matrimonio… Ahora pueden sellar este compromise con un beso!” As MOBILE REVEREND, I have a respect and appreciation for tradition, but I also have a keen sense of fun and believe a couple’s “special day” is just that. I strive to create an overall feeling during a wedding that is celebratory and work to ensure that everything is about the couple marrying!

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