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VOTED TOP 5 AT ALTITUDE SUMMIT! We live in a chaotic​,​ fast-paced world which demands so much of our physical​,​ mental and emotional energy. Breathing techniques are now being embraced by elite athletes and city executives alike to decrease stress and anxiety​,​ manage nerves​,​ increase energy levels​,​ achieve peak performance and go into states of flow. Breath is the link between mind and body. Transform your life through the power of Breakthrough Breathwork™. Come on this truly life-changing transformative journey Breakthrough Breath uses your power of breath to tap into peak performance and growth mindset. It sets the stage for releasing limiting beliefs​,​ old patterns​,​ anxieties. Use this power to align and release everything holding you back from living the life of your dreams. The breakthrough breath work is a 3 part circular breath (80% of the breath into your belly​,​ 20% into the chest​,​ and release through the mouth) that gets you to a profound emotional space. The oxygen detoxes our cells and organs. Breathing techniques have been scientifically proven to heal the body on a cellular level. We teach the importance of breathing properly and deeply into the belly to get people out of fight or flight mode which induces anxiety. Teaching breathing techniques help to train the body how to get back in balance and a state of homeostasis. It produces the release Oxytocin​,​ Serotonin​,​ and Dopamine​,​ which are the feel-good hormone. This breakthrough shifts our mindset and peaks in our performance. The session also includes scream & laugh therapy​,​ which is vital to release the energy stored in the body! It feels so good as you obtain true freedom from the chains of your emotions. This will get you to a profound emotional space that helps you release those old stories from a heart-centered space​,​ and reconnect with your mind​,​ body & spirit.

Breakthrough Breathwork™


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