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Your skin is the biggest organ in your body​,​ its an organ​,​ and organs need to stay hydrated. Slather on one of our six luscious body butters​,​ that are formulated specifically for dry​,​ tired limbs. Whether you prefer a lightweight body moisturizer like Tranquil or an intense hydrating moisturizer like Restoration. Our butters will wrap your skin from the top of your head to the soles of your feet with ultra nourishing benefits for any season. We strive to create a tranquil and innovative spa environment by infusing our body butters with body and mind soothing essential oils. ****Currently as of April 2021 my massage therapy team will not be available until COVID restricts and guidelines have been updated**** Thank you for your patience. I work with highly qualified massage therapist that listen to our clients needs​,​ so that we can provide their guest with a memorable experience. Our commitment to healing through massage therapy transcends into our vow to help those in need in our communities.”

Everly710 Body Butters and Massage


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Balance Duo: Harmonious & Tranquil

2- 2oz jars of body butter


Per guest


8oz jar of body butter. Calmar is our stress release body butter. We’ve blended ylang-ylang oil to calm your nerves along with a massive amount of vitamin C and lemongrass to illuminate your skin and lift you spirit.


Per item


8oz jar of body butter. Harmonious is our reflect body butter.Not ready for bed Yet, after a rough day? To help you settle into the evening we’ve combined marjoram, mandarin, and geranium bourbon, to regulate and balance your body and mind.


Per item


8oz jar of body butter. Tranquil is our sore muscle body butter. It’s packed with a decadently soothing blend of organic essential oils. Ease your muscular aches and quiet your mind with its calming scents.


Per item

Bath Melts

2- 2x2 bath melts packaged individually in reusable tin containers. Drop 1 bath melt in a warm bath, moisturize your care away.


Per item

Trio Samplers

3- 1.5oz jars of assorted body butter. Three butters per guest packaged to coordinate with clients event.


Per guest

Moijto de Somar Body Serum

Is a silky lighter than air Full Spectrum Serum. Our 2 oz dropper contains 2.8mg of our Full Spectrum infused coconut oil. We've mixed in a hint of Shea butter and Apricot oil to help lock in moisture and soften your skin.


Per item

***Unavailable due to Covid***Massage Team

5- massage therapist ( or final year students). 5-10 guest per therapist


Per guest

Medaase “Thank You” Somar Body Serum

We have so much to be thankful for. My Medaase Serum will remind your body and mind that you are grateful for all of their hard work. We’ve mixed in Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil infused w/ Full Spectrum and Shea Butter to hydrate & soften.


Per item


We do not allow the public to stick their hands or other utensils in any of our tester, retail and sample products. Our massage treatments are on top of the clothing, unless booked for a private event with a designated open area that will allow us to provide comfortable massage services for your event.

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