Mina M
Mina M

Vegan Chef from Barcelona! Her passion for cooking and food began when She was a kid​,​ watching her grandma make meals for her whole family. She has always been passionate about food in the way that it brings people together. Later in life​,​ She went to a culinary arts school in Barcelona​,​ where She developed her techniques for French​,​ Spanish and Catalonian dishes and other international cuisines ( she makes a mean mapo tofu!) eventually​,​ she moved to New York City and worked in different vegan kitchens​,​ catered private events​,​ and worked as a private chef for people with varying diets and lifestyles. She has also consulted and sold some of her vegan recipes to various restaurants. Her thoughts about Food? It be enjoyable but also nourishing for the body and soul.

Vegan Catering Services!


Only Plant based food

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