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About this service

We provide delicious and healthy fruit bowls made to order - with the popular Tajin Seasoning! Our fruits consist of Mangos​,​ Pineapples​,​ Watermelon​,​ Cucumber​,​ Lime & Unlimited Tajin! πŸ₯­πŸ‰πŸπŸ₯’πŸŒΆ! We offer two types of services due to COVID - we are limited with offering our fruit cart at the moment. However​,​ we can prepare 'Grab N' Go' delicious fruit bowls - all made to order! Our bowls are all served in eco-friendly 8oz. bowls! Everything has been inspected and adhering to the COVID guidelines without compromising with the quality​,​ taste​,​ and freshness of our fruit!

Omar V

Includes in basic price

At the starting price of $175.00 you a minimum of 25 8oz eco-friendly bowls, which includes fruit, lime wedge, and individual and a Tajin packet for each guest dropped off to your event. This price does not include a cart. Please refer to items for more information.



Cart Base Set-Up Rate


This is my base rate, this includes the travel, setup/teardown, and 2hrs of service. Please add on top of the fruit bowl size you'd like for your event to your booking

Fruit Bowl Size

8oz. Fruit Bowls

$7 / Per attendee

The $7.00 price includes the 8oz. eco-friendly bowls, which includes the fruit, lime wedge, and individual Tajin packet for each guest. Drop Off: minimum 25 Cart: Minimum 100

12oz. Fruit Bowls

$10 / Per attendee

12oz. eco-friendly fruit bowl - Includes all fruits (Mangos, Pineapple, Watermelon, Cucumber), Lime Wedge, & Individual Tajin packet. Drop Off: minimum 25 Cart: Minimum 100


In order to reserve the fruit cart for an event, 100 people or more is required. Less than 100 people, we stick to 'GRAB N' GO' fruit bowls.

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