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Hello my name is Viana and Our company Name is Berlin’s Tacos​,​ we offer Tacos catering service. We work for any special event and make it prefect for you and your guest to enjoy the food. We have worked with so many companies​,​ famous people and a lot of events. We been in business since 2017. We offer vegan tacos. All of our employees are Food handlers certified.We offer 2 hours of service and cook on site All package includes the following: We offer 2 hours of service plus 1 hour of set up. We bring plates​,​ cups and utensils. We also come with uniforms and we wear gloves all the time. Our packages includes 3 meats and 1 five gallon drink of your choice. Rice​,​ beans​,​ and quesadillas. Meats: asada​,​ Al pastor​,​ chorizo​,​ chicken​,​ fish​,​ shrimp Drinks: watermelon​,​ melon​,​ ice tea​,​ lemonade​,​ pineapple​,​ horchata​,​ Jamaica​,​ strawberry​,​ cucumber infused water​,​ pink lemonade

Berlin’s Tacos

Taco Packages


Fake tab

Taco Packages

Awesome 30’s

Tacos for 30 people. On-site​ catering



Party time

On-site​ catering for 50 guests



Berlin’s Package

This package is for 75 people On-site​ catering And 2 hours of service



Taco time

Package for 100 people On site catering And 2 hours of service



Gold package

Package for 150 people On site catering And 2 hours of service



The 200’s

This package is for 200 people On site catering And 2 hours of service




Extra food: 4th meat

If you would like an extra meat choice for your guest we can add it.


Per item


Chips and salsa for your guest


Per item

Extra hour

All packages included 2 hours of service, if you need more time we can stay.


Per hour


We have a minimum of 30 people and up

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  • Ellen L

    Berlin's Tacos was amazing, I ordered the shrimp, al pastor, and vegan tacos, and they were very tasty, all the garnishes and salsas were fresh, Viana came with the exact setup we talked about and when tearing down she packed up our leftovers for us to bring home. Wish we could've brought home the rest of our delicious cucumber water as well, I would recommend you have an extra jar at your event for any left over drinks you want to take home

    Ellen LOctober 2020

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  • Birthday parties
  • Weddings
  • Workshops
  • Baby showers
  • Company Events
  • Kids parties
  • Adult party
  • Meetings
  • Corporate
  • Dinners
  • Launch party
  • Outdoor

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