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We are an event planning business where we provide coordination and planning services to our clients' celebrations also known as parties. We plan baby showers​,​ bridal showers​,​ bachelorette celebrations​,​ bachelor celebrations​,​ birthday celebrations​,​ graduation celebrations​,​ champagne celebrations for Prom Night​,​ date night for couples or future couples​,​ and more. We are here to elevate your celebration.

FDN Celebrations "where we elevate your celebration"

date night planner

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date night planner

Date Night Planner

As an event planner, I also create intimate and memorable date nights for couples and friends.


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corporate level

Corporate Events

I create company events or meetings from beginning to end. I may hire additional expertise if needed to create an unforgettable event.




I will need replies to any question I may have no later than 24 hours after my question unless it's an emergency. My main communication will be via email. I am very detailed with my emails, and I expect my client to read my emails thoroughly to properly respond so I can do my job sufficiently. Please be prepared to provide me with your credit card or cash so I can purchase the approved items that are needed for your elaborate celebration.

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    • Birthday parties
    • Baby showers
    • Company Events
    • Kids parties
    • Adult party
    • Meetings
    • Corporate
    • Dinners
    • Team off site
    • Launch party
    • Outdoor

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