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Hi there! Gourmet Caribbean Fusion where you will find jam packed flavors from the Caribbean​,​ South America and Asia. I am a private chef that specializes in events from a party of 10-100 guest. I offer appetizers​,​ small plates​/​tapas & main entrees. Food is served with a buffet style set up. I promise that your taste buds will be blown away! Be sure to see my photos for the list of entree and small tapas that I offer!

Gourmet Caribbean Fusion- Private Chef Catering Services



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2 Main 2 Sides (Per Attendee)

minimum 10 guests-includes:2 main dishes & 2 side dishes. For example, Biryani Chickpea Fried Rice, Oven Roast Jerk Chicken, Garlic Yuca & Garden Salad w/ homemade ginger dressing. Plates & Utensils.Be sure to see my images for the catering menu.


Per item


Seafood Entrees (Per Atendee)

All Seafood Entrees are additional cost (Jerk Salmon, Jerk Shrimp, Coconut Garlic Shrimp, Curry Shrimp , Escovitch Snapper, Ginger Garlic Snapper Etc)


Per item


Drinks & Beverages are not provided.

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