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Melissa R

Curated Spread specializes in custom cheese and charcuterie boards​,​ grazing boxes and all inclusive grazing tables. Our cheese and charcuterie boards have a whimsical twist and aren't your traditional cheese boards.

Grazing Tables​,​ Charcuterie Boards & Cones

Grazing Table Package

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Grazing Table Package

Flat Lay Grazing Table

Our mini flat lay grazing table is perfect for 20-30 guests as a small appetizer. It is 4ft long and 1.5 ft wide. The flat lay is perfect for small gathering and for someone looking to add a small appetizer before the main course. The flat includes a variety of artisan cheeses, charcuterie, a variety of accoutrements such as nuts, olives, dried + fresh fruit, baguette, gourmet crackers, jam and honey lastly it is beautifully garnished with edible flowers and herbs. The flat lay is beautifully arranged on a butcher wax paper and takes approximately 1 hour - 1 hour and a half to properly unload and setup on site. Our flat lay does not include any greenery nor serving plates, napkins, or plates. It only includes tongs, a spoon for the jam and 1 honey dipper for the honey. Please inquire about adding serving plates + serving utensils to your grazing table for a small add on fee.


Per item

Medium Multidimensional Grazing Table

Our multidimensional grazing table is perfect for 40-45 guests and will include 4-5 wooden boards, crates, baskets, cheese knives, tongs, and a floral and greenery installment to adorn your setup. Our small grazing table will include a variety of artisan cheeses, charcuterie, crudités, a variety of accoutrements such as dried + fresh fruit, nuts, jams, honey, olives, cornichons, baguette, and gourmet crackers.



Extra Boards

Charcuterie Cones- Minimum set of 12

Our charcuterie cones are perfect for any gathering and covid friendly. Minimum of 12 cones- They can be modified to your preferred ingredients. They typically include crackers, cured meat, cheese, fruits, nuts, chocolates, olives or cornichons and dried fruit. Want to add a special touch or inquire about our special prices for large orders? Any allergies or special Requests? Let us know!


Per item

Large Crudites Board

Our crudités board is perfect for 8-10 guests as an appetizer and it includes a variety of fresh famers market veggies, and hummus.


Per item

Sweets Overload

Our sweets overload tray comes in many sizes and it includes mini Belgian waffles, mini Nutella jars, macaroons, merengues, fresh berries, chocolate bars, a variety of chocolates, chocolate straw wafers, as well as a variety of chocolate covered cookies. This sweets overload comes in a 12” tray or 12” box and satisfies 10-14. Option of regular box or biodegradable box-


Per item

Grazing Tray

Our Grazing Trays are perfect for any event. With a variety of sizes to offer to fit perfectly with your event. Handcrafted cheeses and charcuterie that includes preserves, and classic accoutrements like olives, nuts, dried fruit, seasonal fruits + edible garnish like lavender, mint, rosemary or violas, 5-6 cheeses + charcuterie. All CURATED SPREAD products are uniquely curated with care. Therefore, there might be slight variations between the images you see and the product you receive. Rest assured, the main ingredients for each product will remain consistent for each respective order. Our boards are eco-friendly and toss after use without harming the environment. **Please be advised that our food may contain or come in contact with nuts, soy, eggs, wheat, gluten, or dairy products.**


Per item


We don't provide a table or linen only our brown paper cover. we would need to pick up props the same day for early events or the next day for late-night events​.

Reviews (2)

  • ICC F


    ICC FNovember 2022

  • Marina Eva K

    HIgh-quality products! and such a beautiful setup, the 6ft table was full and had enough food for our 50 guests, even after two hours of guests eating from the table it looked beautiful, we had one issue, the setup was outside and we had a ​hard time keeping the flys away, I would recommend bringing a cover.

    Marina Eva KAugust 2021

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