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Standing on a nail board has lots of benefits: 1. Physiological effects Cleansing​,​ restorative​,​ and healing processes in the physical body. This allows even chronic diseases to heal. 2. Energy impact According to Chinese medicine​,​ it is necessary to harmonize the flow of Qi in the body by activating the acupuncture points 3. Psychological impact Standing on nails allows a person to develop stress resistance​,​ concentration​,​ awareness​,​ willpower​,​ and other personal qualities. In the process of regular practice​,​ a person feels how his psychic strength grows​,​ self-confidence is strengthened​,​ and ability to overcome difficulties 4. Spiritual practice Standing on nails is a truly spiritual​,​ very deep practice. Helps to heal traumas and find a true purpose in life. Great as an individual practice or in the group. It develops in team support​,​ compassion​,​ and connection on a par of healing and life-changing experience.

Nail board (sadhu board) practice


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Ceremony 12

up to 12 persons. Practice will hold at your place. Duration is from 3 hours up to 5


Per item

Ceremony of 8

up to 8 persons. Practice will hold at your place. Duration is from 3 hours up to 4


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no pregnant women, no seizures, no psychical deviations, no recent surgeries, no cold or fever, no heart diseases

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